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Why We're Here

Growing up in California, I played just about every sport and became intimately attuned to performance gear designed for each one. I quickly became obsessed with comfort, fit, and quality of everything I’d put on my body. 

Spending most of my time training, I developed a passion for clothing to accompany my love for sport, health, and fitness. A few years after finishing my collegiate career, I went into a bit of a health tailspin - depression, weight gain, binge drinking, and other activities that definitely took a few years off my life. The experience of coming out the other side is what energizes me to help others become vibrant and healthy in their own lives.  

PER was spawned in the spirit of making incredible, eco-conscious gear that inspires us to MOVE and be healthy

Moreover, we learned the industry is not set up to make eco-conscious gear or have transparency throughout the process. From finding amazing sustainable materials to transparent & ethical manufacturers, we were shocked at how tough this was. 

Our insistence on doing things 'the right way' seemingly challenged the status quo at every step. Never wavering from our commitment to do hard things, I'm excited to say we’re kicking down those roadblocks and working with amazing partners to provide materials that meet our standard and produce gear our customers will be proud to wear. 

Our gear will make you question why no one has done it this way before.

~Tim, Founder & CEO

Healthy is Happy

Our Purpose: To empower people to pursue vitality, do the things they love and be an inspiration to others. 

Everyday, we work to inspire people to value health and live boldly, because we believe vitality is the foundation of a fulfilling life. 

Our Vision: Communities of people with a positive self-image, inspired to be healthy, doing what they love and empowered to contribute to a better planet.

We’re determined to build a community that supports, educates, and inspires each other through positive action. We believe doing things the right way is the only way to do things, so we’re committed to sustainability by limiting our impact on our environment and focusing on improving our carbon footprint. 

Our Mission: To inspire people to be healthy through movement, and to care for our planet by creating high-quality, sustainable gear. 

Give Back: We became a member of 1% for the Planet to fund initiatives that help future generations live a healthier life (more info soon).

Quality Fits

We've set out to make the most comfortable and longest lasting gear for an active lifestyle. It's ingrained in us that quality comes from the commitment to obsess with premium material and design.

Done Right

As we say at PER, “Fall in love with doing the hard things.” As athletes, we’ve learned you get the most rewards by putting in the work and doing things the right way.

We apply this no-shortcut mentality to everything we do from creating the perfect pair of shorts, to sourcing sustainable materials, to our customers’ experience, or finishing that brutal workout.

We know you expect a lot out of the gear you purchase, because we do, too.

For a Bigger Purpose

Our calling at PER is 'Move First.' To us, it means living a healthy and meaningful life starts with a first step.

We’re committed to fostering a community of people inspired to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

We’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet to fund initiatives that support health education for future generations.