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WD | Better Mornings Will Change Your Life

Learn to create a morning routine with intention. Keep it simple, but get started.

WD | Why Stuff Doesn't Make You Happy

When we seek external validation, we're just reinforcing the feeling that we're not worthy as we are.We put our worth into the hands of someone/something else. And all of a sudden our self-worth gets lost along the way.

WD | Cultivating Optimism

What is optimism anyway? And why would anyone want to cultivate more of it?

WD | Purpose > Environment

What in the f*ck am I actually doing? Is this what I want to do with my life? Does my work really care about me? Do I really care about my work? Is this paycheck really worth it?

How a Fitness Tracker Warned Me I Had COVID Before I Had Any Symptoms

I woke up one Tuesday morning feeling fine but my fitness tracker warned me of in increase in my respiratory rate. Knowing this could be an early sign of having the virus, I got tested ASAP before showing any symptoms.

5 Ways to Be Healthier Today

5 simple decisions you can make to be healthier today.

How Tracking Your Blood Glucose Can Change Your Life

I wore a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for a month to learn how my body reacts to certain foods. I lost 10 pounds, improved my sleep, eliminated afternoon crashes, and have sustained energy during workouts.

The Process of Creating + Manufacturing Shorts

Ever wonder what involved in the process of creating and manufacturing sustainable workout shorts? In this article we detail what we went through to make the Nomad Shorts.

Why Stigmas Prevent Men From Getting Help

Stigmas are like the Wizard of Oz. They need secrecy to retain their power. But if you bring them into the light, look them in the eye, and talk to them... They start to lose power. 

What Sustainable Apparel Really Means

Your favorite brand says they are shifting their focus to make more sustainable gear, but you’re not really sure what they mean by that. How can you tell what is sustainable vs just good marketing?

The 4 Best Men's Workout Shorts We Tried

After 16 months of R&D trying 21 different shorts, here are the four best shorts I tried. The list includes the best for lounging, everyday life, cross-training, and overall comfort.

5 Tips to CRUSH Your Home Workout

We narrowed down our top five tips to crushing your home workout.

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