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Why It's So Hard To Be Vulnerable 🙅‍♂️

How to build deeper relationships and overcome fear of rejection.

Your Greatest Asset 🔥

Focus on this one thing to change your whole life.

WD | Your thoughts create your reality 🤯

Own your thoughts to change your life.

WD | Microdosing Psychedelics

Micro-dosing mushrooms gone write. This is based on a real interaction I had in a park. Enjoy.

WD | 5 Ways to Feel 10x Better

5 simple ways to feel better immediately.

WD | Leaning Into Fear

Most of us live a life controlled by our fears, protecting our egos.It's not until we identify them, shine a light on them, and explore how great we'd feel if they didn't exist... can we start to create a life worth living.

WD | 3 Skills For Better Mental Health

After battling depression for 4 years, these are the 3 skills I've found to vastly improve my mental health.

WD | How To Get Back On Track When In A Rut

Do this one thing to get back on track when you're in a rut or starting to spiral.

WD | Becoming Free 🦅

"The degree in which we hold on to something is the degree to which we are no longer free. "

WD | You Already Have Everything You Need

The life you want to live and the one true to yourself is waiting for you to embrace it.There's great freedom that comes with doing what you want and not the things you believe others expect of you.We just need to get rid of the things that are in the way.So, what's been getting in your way?

WD | Losing Weight, Explained

Whether your goal is to lose, maintain, or gain weight/muscle.You should know what goes into it and learn to find what works for you.

WD | Be the Interior Designer of Your Mind ✏️

Do you deal with fear or rejection? Imposter syndrome? An inner critic? Here's how you can change the narrative.

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