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Your Greatest Asset ūüĒ•

Your Greatest Asset ūüĒ•

Your mental health is like your finances.

Most people believe they have it under control, but never actually look at it.

It's uncomfortable to think about... so they never do.

They bury it in the corner, never look it in the eyes, and just hope it's there when they need it.

There's no emergency plan, no intention, no real understanding of where the strengths or weaknesses are...

But the ones that do work on it?

Build a strong foundation, see it grow exponentially, make tweaks when something's not working, and are in a position to give back to others.

Framework to managing your finances:

  1. Take inventory of everything (what's coming in + what's going out)
  2. Define what you want
  3. Make a plan to follow that aligns with what you want
It's the same recipe for your mental health.

Simple. But most won't do it (until it's too late).

It starts with living a life following a path we've been told to follow.

We're too busy chasing success metrics given to us by someone else.

Then we realize we've chased all this external success for what?

We realize we're unfulfilled, lack direction, have no purpose, and endless chase 'happiness'.

Too many of us focus on external validators thinking they bring fulfillment.

We give hours of our time to achieve and build a life to be proud of.

To graduate from a good school, land a good job, get a cushy salary, buy our first new car.

We focus on steps we feel we should take.

Career, marriage, house, kids, retirement.

This week was my Grandma's funeral and it was incredible to hear stories of everything she did in her life.

All the moments, milestones, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids...

The impact she had on local school districts and how far her roots spread in the San Diego community was incredible.

As we were placing her ashes into her grave, I was struck by all the headstones around us.

All these lives signified by the dash between their birth year and year of death.

I thought of everyone's dreams, ambitions, hobbies, interests, relationships, and family.

"I wonder how many of these people actually followed their heart."

In the process of chasing external validators, we forget what life is about.

Death is the quickest way to recalibrate what matters to us.

But soon it fades and we're back on the hamster wheel, with zero intention, chasing arbitrary success markers.

Then we get what we were chasing and realize...

"Holy shit...I have all this stuff, followed this whole path, did what I was led to believe I needed to...

And something is STILL missing. What the fuck??"

Feeling lost, misguided, and confused, we feel like we've been lied to.

We feel this need to start searching for answers.

At this point, you have 2 choices.

You can continue down the same path, doing the same shit, chasing the same external benchmarks thinking the next one will make you fulfilled, happy, etc.

The NEXT promotion, the NEXT salary bump, the NEXT bigger house, the NEXT set of golf clubs.

OR you can acknowledge the feelings and thoughts that come up.

And explore why something feels off.

To not bury them and keep saying "No, I know that all of this will make me have a good life. Keep pushing."

Have the space for yourself to know it's not a bad thing if you are starting to question everything you thought you knew to be the right way.

It's not your fault either.

We've been conditioned our whole life to think accomplishing these external milestones means we are successful.

And through success, we'd have a killer life we love and total happiness.

BUT no one tells us this part....

That's not how it fucking works.

The biggest lesson I've learned in the last 6 years, going from depressed to creating a life rooted in fulfillment...

Is that your life doesn't create your mind, your mind creates your life.

Wait, WTF? I've been doing it backward this whole time and had no idea.

Happiness, meaning, and purpose are a choice.

When you chase something that you think will bring you happiness, you reinforce that happiness doesn't exist in your current state.

Read that again. ūüĎÜ

If you constantly think something outside of you (achievement, car, new city, house, etc) will give you what you feel you're missing... it will never happen.

Happiness & well-being are not the results of what you do, but the very essence of who you chose to BE.

The irony is when you shift your focus from external successors to internal growth, your success erupts.

You get more in-tuned with yourself.

You start to identify your self-limiting beliefs and learn what's holding you back in ways you didn't know were possible.

You begin to redefine and reshape what success actually means to you.

You stop trying to live up to and do things to prove that you've made it.

And in turn, you stop giving a fuck about what other people think.

You learn that you've been hiking on someone else's path this whole time.

And maybe that IS the path you want to be on, but maybe it's not. Both are perfectly OK.

I've mentioned before that changing your perspective is the easiest way to change your life.

You'll gain a mindset that anything is possible, but it takes direction, focus, and hard work.

Most importantly, you learn that your most valuable asset isn't your 401k, investment property, or crypto wallet...

It's your mental health.

When I was at my all-time low point 2 years ago after being fired, depressed, and lost... I had an awakening.

I had reached all of these external benchmarks of success... but still felt like shit.

What were they all for?

Why was I working so hard to get promoted if the first 3 times didn't make me any happier?

Why did I think a $30k promotion would be the level I'd REALLY feel like I made money?

I had gotten so far away from what creates a great life - my relationship with myself.

I was so busy doing things to impress other people, that I forgot about impressing the person that matters most. Me.

So the biggest decision I ever made was to say fuck it, from here on out I'm only doing what I want to do.

I'm following my gut, not keeping up with the Joneses, and working to become the person I want to be.

Calm, patient, kind, forever learner, writer, creator, mentor, coach, business owner, and someone who stops hiding from doing hard things because of fear.

2 years ago, those were all weaknesses of mine (or they weren't traits at all).

But I knew that the person I had the potential to be had all of those characteristics.

So I went to work.

It started with focusing internally and asking tough questions.

How do you start focusing on internal growth and becoming the person you have the potential to be?

Understand that the beliefs you have about yourself guide every decision you make.

Buy a fancy car to look successful to others? Belief.

Buy a used car because you don't want to be someone who needs to look fancy in front of others? Belief.

The key to identifying your beliefs starts with awareness.

Examples of questions to ask yourself:
  • Why do I do (insert anything)?
  • Why do I have such a hard time eating clean?
  • Why do I have a hard time making a decision?
  • What's something I'd do if I KNEW I'd succeed?
  • Why do I feel pressured to drink when I'm with friends?
  • Why is it so tough for me to read and commit to learning?
  • Why do I care so much about what others will think of me if I do X?
  • What's something I'd do if I KNEW no one would judge me if I failed?
  • Why am I so driven to get promoted, hit quota, make tons of money?
  • What does that give me? Then, what does THAT give me?
  • What would be my biggest regret if I were to die tomorrow?

Only when you find your self-limiting beliefs can you do something about them.

But you have to take action and be open to feeling uncomfortable for a little.

There are two types of people...

Those that don't know what the result will be if they take action, but they try anyway because they know they can figure it out or learn something.

And those that don't know what the result will be if they take action, let the fear of failing rule them, and choose to find an excuse to justify not trying.

We're masters at talking ourselves out of something.

We know our hot buttons and what will make us stay in the safe zone.

There will always be unlimited excuses to not do something.

You HAVE to focus on the one reason TO do something and never let your inner critic forget that.

Write it down, put it on a stick note on your mirror, put it as the wallpaper on your phone.

Start choosing long-term growth over short-term comfort.

Your mental health is counting on it.

And your future self is waiting for it.

Tim ūüĖ§


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