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WD | You Already Have Everything You Need

WD | You Already Have Everything You Need

When Michelangelo was asked how he created a sculpture of a man from a big chunk of marble, he said...

“I didn’t, he was already in there. I just chipped away everything that wasn’t David.”

It's the same idea that we've been conditioned to think we need to accomplish, do, or acquire things in order to feel like a fulfilled version of ourselves.

But all that does is fuel the feeling that our best self lives somewhere in the future.

"If only I... Once I make $xx... When I find that one person... After that next promotion..."

We rob ourselves of living and enjoying the only thing we actually have...

The present.

I saw this in one of the books I'm reading last week...
👉 We're not who we think we are.
👉 We're not who others think we are.
👉 We're who we think others think we are.

Read that again.

So much of what we do is to live up to our perception of what others expect of us.

Chasing things to make us appear a certain way to people that we believe see us a certain way.

And what ends up happening is we lose touch with our true self along the way.

We start to numb thoughts about...

What WE actually want in life. What WE love to do. How WE want to live.

Do you know the #1 regret of people on their deathbed?

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

Holy fuck. The #1 answer!?

We try to live up to a life laid before us, achieving 'success' along the way...

Then we get what we aimed for only to realize there's something missing.

I've heard this over and over with the guys I work with.

We've lost our sense of self along the way trying to live up to expectations we think other people have of us.

But what if nothing is actually missing from your life?

Everything you need is already there.

The life you want to live and the one true to yourself is waiting for you to embrace it.

There's great freedom that comes with doing what you want and not the things you believe others expect of you.

We just need to get rid of the things that are in the way.

So, what's been getting in your way?

Here are a few examples of what might be...

  • External validation
  • Social media likes
  • Getting that new car
  • A new house
  • A bigger house
  • A second house
  • 6 pack abs
  • Job titles
  • Money
  • Status

We’re conditioned to think these things equal success or they'll make us happy...

But they're just the block of marble.

You’re David.

I just finished reading 'What Happy People Know' and one of the clients in the book says...

"I've figured out the meaning of life. It's to LIVE."

To take advantage of the life you've been given and live it how you want to.

Be true to yourself, do the things you want to do, be firm in your boundaries and what's important to you, and love hard.

🐛 What have you allowed to be in your way?
🐛 What story have you been telling yourself that's preventing you from doing what you want?
🐛 Is that story focusing on the challenges or the solutions + possibilities?
🐛 What does the phrase 'to live an authentic life' mean to you?
🐛 How can you start living more authentically?

Tim 🖤

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