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WD | Why Stuff Doesn't Make You Happy

Why Stuff Won't Make You Happy

We buy stuff we like to make us feel good.

No one's denying the joy a new pair of shoes brings us.

But no one addresses why we don't feel good in the first place.

Quite the large elephant sitting in the corner of the room...

At a core level, it just reinforces the belief that you don't feel as good as you want to.

It's the idea that you need something external to fulfill an internal void.

You get high on the buy.

Then the high wears off and you're left with the only thing you truly own... yourself.

It's a perpetual cycle and brutal game to play.

And you can't fucking win this game.

When you are stoked with how you feel and content with who you are, you don't need external validation.

Not feeling worthy...

A friend of mine reached out and said she's not sure she'll ever get to a point of feeling worthy enough to not need external validation.

It was crushing for me to hear, part because I know she has a good heart, but also because I felt that exact way.

Constantly chasing the external validation... money, new clothes, nice car, promotions, compliments, likes + comments.

None of those things are inherently wrong, but the motives for which we pursue them are what's holding us back from feeling worthy + fulfilled. 

When we seek external validation, we're just reinforcing the feeling that we're not worthy as we are.

We put our worth into the hands of someone/something else. 

And all of a sudden our self-worth gets lost along the way.

We've lost a deep sense of who the hell we are.

But you are worthy as you are. Worthy as fuck actually!

It's a hard process, but it starts with shifting the focus from external to internal.

Our happiness, self-worth, purpose, and the answers we're looking for are already there.

We've just been looking in the wrong places.

Tim 🖤

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