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Wedding Szn + Self-Care ūü•ā¬†

A friend recently asked me how to balance upcoming spring, summer, wedding season, and parties with self-care?

Let's do a little thought experiment first. Ask yourself...
Why do I feel I need to drink?
Why do I feel I can't go and have fun without it?
Do I get the feeling that I'm drinking to cover up a version of myself I'm not in love with?

These can bring up uncomfortable answers, so I'll start and share my booze story.

Not long ago, I'd spend my weeks being healthy/sober just to be ready to go all-out on Saturdays.

6 on, 1 off. It seemed reasonable at the time.

I've always hated late-night crowds (or any crowds really) so I always preferred day drinking.

But it would just turn into drinking from noon until 2 am 100% of the time. I never learned.

I'd put back 20-30 drinks every Saturday.

Friends would visit whatever city I was living in and be mind blown at how I was able to withstand that throughout the day.

*that should've been my first sign*

It wasn't until I stopped drinking for a couple months did I realize how much I used it as a crutch.

My brutal truth:
I wasn't happy with who I was as a person and alcohol momentarily suppressed that feeling.

Whether it was to de-stress, have fun, connect with friends, or talk to women... it was the magic sauce that made all of that happen.

So why wasn't I able to do any of that without it? Why was I so unhappy with myself that I needed it to become the person I wanted to be?

Fast forward 18 months
Last week, after someone gave me shit for not drinking, my friend said to me...

"Everyone here knows that you're so confident in yourself and what you want and that you'd never cave into or care about peer pressure. That's a pretty great compliment isn't it?"

Perhaps the best I've ever received because I definitely haven't always been this way.

Alcohol no longer has any control over me. I don't need it to have fun, feel part of the crew, de-stress, or talk to women.

I still have a few drinks on occasion, but it'll be 2 instead of 20. And most of the time, I don't love how it makes me feel.

But more importantly, I own the relationship now.

That came from months of introspection, self-discovery, and trying anything I could to cultivate some good ole self-love.

I spent enough years feeling like shit and I didn't realize that alcohol was acting as my leash, not letting me get too far away.

When you feel amazing about yourself as a person and realize you're whole as you are, you'll find you don't need substances to change how you feel.

When you put your wellbeing above anything else and become laser-focused on the life you want for yourself, you don't care what other people think or ask you to do.

Think about this...

  • Could you go 30 days without drinking? How about 6 months?
  • For no special reason except just to do it with your own will?
  • Or does the thought of that sound scary? Or even impossible?
  • Are you already making excuses as to why you'll¬†have to¬†because of upcoming weddings, dinners, or parties?

I have nothing against boozing for a good time.

But I think most of us are under its control more than we know or ever admit.

We like how it makes us feel because we don't love how we feel without it.

When you are happy with yourself and feel amazing, the desire for it goes away on its own.

And now you're able to be intentional with how you choose to enjoy it.

So how do we balance the upcoming party season with self-care?

Put your well-being first and you'll find the rest takes care of itself.


Need help getting back to feeling great? I might be able to help. Book a call and let's find out.

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