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WD | Microdosing Psychedelics

Last week, I took my typical microdose of mushrooms (less than .1g).

I'll take an amount like this when I want to sit down to write for 2-3 hours no problem. 

But for some reason, this was 15x more potent than normal and it took me for a wild ride.

I had to clear my schedule and walk to a nearby park where I laid on a grassy hill for 3+ hours. 

This is a true story of a conversation I had with a tree when I asked what it knows about love (in short story format). 

Hope you enjoy 😎


Feeling down, a boy wandered to a nearby park to catch some fresh air. 

As he walked, the idea of love crossed his mind and he began questioning if he’d ever experience it again. 

The boy found a patch of grass on top of a small hill and lay staring at the clouds. 

“What do these clouds know about love anyway?” he asked himself. 

Though not looking for anything, he was trying to make sense of the kaleidoscope of shape-shifting he’d been mesmerized by for hours. 

“If you’re really out there, show me a sign that you’re listening," he said to no one hoping for an answer. 

A few minutes go by with no response. 

Annoyed, he closes his eyes and takes his focus off of the clouds. 

The boy turned his head to the side and noticed a pine tree on the lower part of the hill next to him. 

Half cynical, have curious, he asked…

“What do YOU know about love, Tree?”

But the tree didn’t respond. 

Just as the boy was about to get up and go home, a bright orange oriole landed directly in his line of sight between him and the tree, staring at him in the eye.

Intrigued, the boy focused on the bird and the tree began to answer…

What do I know about love? Everything, I guess. It’s all I’ve ever known.

Love is my branch for birds to build a nest and find refuge.

Love is providing a safe perch for them to eye tasty worms in the grass below. 

Love is a young couple in love escaping their office for an intimate picnic under my shade.

Love is the grip of the bark on my trunk helping squirrels get safely away from impulsive dogs. 

Love is the kindness of the land letting me spread my roots wide for a strong foundation to grow big & tall. 

Love is the soil giving me nutrients to soak up so I can live a healthy life. 

Love is the energy from the warm rays of our sun that keeps my leaves bright green. 

Love is turning the air you breathe out into clean air you can breathe in.

Love is reminding you how great you are when you feel down.

See, love isn’t something you seek in others to give to you. 

Love is constantly giving and allowing others to give to you however they can. 

A tree doesn’t take what it needs from the earth and expect to feel loved.

Nor does it give once and say ‘Job well done!’

A tree knows its purpose is to give all it can to others, knowing that others will give all they can back.

And that will always be enough. 

Love is knowing that you are part of something much bigger than it may seem on the surface. 

If the tree only focused on taking what it needs, it could not provide a home for the bird, shade for the young couple, clean air for the boy, or safety for the squirrel. 

The boy began to understand what the tree was saying. 

Love is everywhere all the time.

The boy had been searching for love, but the mere act of searching ignores the fact that it’s already there inside of him. 

The boy had been trying to find love purely by obtaining it from others. 

But if the tree is right, it already lives within him. 

The greatest gift he can give is to give as much of that love to others as possible. 

The boy realized his fear of being hurt was preventing him from allowing others to give him love. 

He wasn’t allowing himself to receive love.

He’s tried to do everything on his own for years, to be tough and prove he can do it alone.

But the boy was tired and the tree was right. 

Love is allowing others to feel needed and wanted. 

He was robbing those close to him of that feeling.

The boy stood, thanked the tree for its time, and picked up all the pieces of litter around the tree as an act of love.

He walked off with a smile and a profound understanding of what he needed to do.

TP 🖤


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