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From Burnt Out to Finding Purpose

Many of the men I've met with are feeling burnt TF out since COVID.

No longer having community, culture, PTO, bonuses, perks, cold brew on tap, free laptop stickers....

Their life has become a face on a screen + wearing sweatpants all day.

With the perks of their work culture gone, they're left with tough self-reflection:

  • What in the f*ck am I actually doing?

  • Is this what I want to do with my life?

  • Does my work really care about me?

  • Do I really care about my work?

  • Is this paycheck really worth it?

  • Damn, I really miss people more than I thought I would.

We spend ~36% of our waking adult life working.

Why wouldn't you want to do something you were passionate about?

The reason I've burnt out in different roles wasn't because of the paychecks, PTO, product market fit, or no free kombucha.

It was because of a lack of purpose (well, and a shitty manager).

People are waking up to the idea there has to be more to life than collecting a nice paycheck to buy nice things.

And 'The Great Reset' has exposed that for a lot of us.

In the short term it's painful, frustrating, and extremely hard to navigate.

But I believe, in the long term, it'll be freeing and change the lives of those that choose to do something about it.

It's worth mentioning - it's OK to not be content with where you're at.

I think that's a good thing.

It means you want more out of life.

That you believe you have more to give.

You KNOW there's more inside of you and that you're capable of something great.

Because without purpose, it's just not sustainable.

We give a shit when we find purpose in what we do.

Whether it's helping others, providing a better life for our family, or just falling in love with a mission.

With that stripped away, the job becomes more about money and status.

And that's a futile pursuit.

I'm not saying to quit your job and start a piña colada stand on a beach in Costa Rica (lmk though, I’ll visit).

But we aren't on this earth to just make money and buy a bigger house.

We're here to live an epic life, do the things we love, be with people we love, and help others do the same.

There's a reason you have unique talents, personalities, interests, and skills.

I also don't think you have to find something you were 'meant to do'.

It doesn't even have to mean a career shift.

But I do believe purpose is what fuels a meaningful life.

How do I even find a purpose? Start small with some brainstorming Qs:

  • What do I love doing?

  • How could I best help someone today?

  • If I had to give a 30 minute lecture on one topic without prep, what would it be?

  • What's a personal goal I've set that I'm excited about?

  • If money didn't matter, what would I do? (tip: tanning on a beach would get old after a week. I've tried.)

TP 🖤

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