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WD | Is The Carnivore Diet Legit?

Ribeyes & Fasting

I'm in beautiful Bozeman, MT this weekend for a friend's birthday and someone asks me...

"Tim, my buddy recently switched to the carnivore diet and he's obsessed with it. What are your thoughts on that one?"

So I perked up, stopped what I was doing, and leaned in.

If you ask me about nutrition, be prepared to talk for hours because I geek the hell out.

He said his buddy fasts all day, then crushes 2-3 ribeyes at night.

Followed by, "but he's not really the healthiest of individuals, so I don't know what to make of it."

Let's start here...

Insider TIP: Health is more about what we don't do than what we do.

So, what's the carnivore diet?

First, it's more of an elimination diet than anything.

Many of the immediate benefits people see have less to do with crushing meat every day and more to do with eliminating all the shit they were eating regularly.

When you remove foods that make you feel like crap... you feel better.

Shocker, I know.

But we're drawn to new fad diets like moths to a flame.

Why do diets like this appeal to us so much?

They're flashy, sexy, and are 'different' than the same boring stuff we hear about.

"Tim, I'm sick of hearing that patience, consistency, and whole foods move the needle..."

Amazon Prime has ruined us. We want results ASAP.

Show me the quick fix. Show me THE answer.

We look for the cure-all, one-stop-shop, all-gas-no-breaks answer.

So when we hear our friend had massive results on a new diet we think "Fuck, maybe I should try that."

But as it goes with anything in life, the answer usually lies not in the extremes, but somewhere in the middle.

Why do people lose weight on the carnivore diet?

Unsexy truth: Because they're taking in fewer calories than they burn.

They're also eliminating processed foods which are typically calorically dense, refined, and full of additives such as...

Added sugars, vegetable oils, refined carbohydrates, chemicals, and preservatives.

Those make us feel like crap. Horrible for our body at a cellular level.

And we're made up of cells, so you should get the idea.

Meat has many great qualities and when sourced properly (grass-fed, grass-finished, humanely raised, etc), it can be amazing for us.

I just encourage you to see it as a piece of the puzzle and not the whole thing.

But what's missing with this diet?

To start, phytonutrients. They're amazing for us but are only found in plants.

Micronutrients, healthy carbohydrates, fiber...

The lack of fiber can lead to being extremely backed up and constipated.

The idea of having a log jam (pun very much intended) of 3 ribeyes sitting in my small intestines sounds horrible to me.

Are people losing weight on this diet? Probably.

But it's because their energy balance is in check (calories in vs calories out).

And likely is a result of eliminating processed foods high in calories.

Are they feeling stronger on this diet? Good chance of it.

Likely because protein intake increased and is closer to optimal levels.

We should aim for about .8-1g of protein per pound of body weight (this isn't a hard & fast rule, just a good target and varies based on your needs).

Any time you hear of an extreme solution sold as the magic bullet (diet, workout program, etc), pause for a moment, zoom out, and explore why.

Is it a marketing ploy? Is it really just a spin on something else?

Unfortunately, so much of what's marketed to us is bullshit and it can be tough to sort through the nonsense.

A few simple rules to stick to...

  • Don't know how to pronounce an ingredient? Don't eat it
  • Don't know what something is or where it came from? Don't eat it

So what can you do?
👉 Focus on nutrient-dense foods instead of calorie-dense foods (ie avocado vs donut)
👉 Eat the rainbow. Vary your fruits & veggies. Eat tons of these
👉 If it comes from the earth in its natural state, go for it
👉 Eat a balanced diet centered around whole foods
👉 Build your plate around protein first
👉 Drink 100+ oz of water per day
👉 Slow down when eating
👉 Don't drink calories
👉 Avoid added sugar

Someone was asked the other day...
"What's your favorite healthy food brand that you love right now?"

His answer...
"Mother Earth."

She's undefeated providing us with what we need to feel great and be healthy.

Was this helpful? Would you like me to answer Qs about another diet?

Send them my way.

🖤 Tim


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