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Routines w/ Intention

I'm a big believer in routines.
People often think that routines lead to less free time, but in reality...

Routines give us freedom.
They prime us for the day.
They set us in motion by curating mini-wins.
They give us control over our inputs to set the tone we want.

With them, we create repeatable actions to check-in (take inventory), reflect (self-awareness), and look forward (intention).

And it's much less about the specifics and more about their purpose + consistency.

I love morning routines because they always provide a fresh start.

You can change your whole day by changing how you spend the first 30 minutes.

And I believe when you change your day, you can change your whole life... just by changing how you start your days.

"Great. So wtf do I do for this magical life-changing morning routine?"

Here's my framework for a morning routine with intention...

Include these 3 things into your morning routine:

  • Something for the heart (gratitude)
  • Something for the mind (meditation, setting intentions)
  • Something for the body (cold shower, exercise)
I focus on getting mind, body, and soul aligned every. single. day.

All before coffee. ☕️

But you can't just do it for a week to see mega-results.

Discipline + consistency are what move the needle. That's the unsexy reality.

That's why it's important to find a routine that works for you.
One aligned with your goals + values.
One where you can start small.
But most importantly, one that you'll actually do.
That's all that matters.

It's more important for you to find one that works for you and DO IT, vs just taking a cold shower every morning because someone else does it (though, it may work for you).

TIP: Time has memory...
Routines are easier to repeat when we slot them into the same time everyday vs trying to fit in when we "have time".

Here's my real life example...

A year ago, I sat down on my birthday and wrote my Year In Review. Jotted down everything that came to mind for 31.

Then, I wrote down what a successful year 32 would look like, with the perspective of myself looking back on my year.

Here's a video of me reading my exact entry if you want to watch me hold back my emotions.

I didn't realize how powerful setting intentions could possibly be.

Nothing I mentioned had happened at the time of writing them, yet 100% of them came true.

Of course, intentions without action are meaningless, but I see intentions as the seed.

And daily actions are the water to that seed.

I looked at the areas of my life in which I could improve the most, usually deeply rooted in insecurities or fear and started saying those every morning to end my meditation.

My daily intention is to be kind, compassionate, patient, and do the hard things in the face of fear.

My morning routine:
  • Wake up
  • Make bed
  • Meditate for 20 mins (ending with daily intention)
  • 2 min cold shower
  • Make coffee + fucking crush the day

TP 🖤


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