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WD | Becoming Free 🦅

"The degree in which we hold on to something is the degree to which we are no longer free. "

Freedom has been the most interesting concept to me in the last 18+ months. 

I've become obsessed with learning more about it. 

What does it mean? What does it mean for me? How do I get there? What's getting in my way?

Peter Crone was by far the biggest influence on me turning the corner from depression to finding purpose and making sense of the way I think - and how that creates my reality. 

Realizing that it's self-centered when we think things or people should be a certain way...

Based on what? Says who?

If someone irritates me, pisses me off, annoys me, gets under my skin... what's that say about them? Nothing. It says everything about me.

Events are objectively neutral - meaning only comes from our interpretation of the event. 

I heard Salma Hayek say...
'If I was screaming at you and insulting you in another language, you wouldn't care because the words mean nothing to you.' 

The intent might come from the other person, but the meaning & effect come from you. 

"Life presents us with people and circumstance to reveal where we're not free."

Life will constantly provide you with scenarios you can learn from and grow.

Still impatient with that one friend? Find yourself getting riled up about your boss?
Do you get irked when that person doesn't call you back like they say they would?
Do you still want to ball up and hide after getting rejected?

It's the idea of taking the challenges life gives you and using them for good. 

It's TOO EASY to play the victim game and blame external factors.  

Imagine that you had the inner calm and balance to choose what you'd like to react to or not. To stay true to yourself and do what you want because you value yourself above anyone else or their opinions.

When you understand that you can't control the waters, but you control the sails and the wheel - life becomes a little bit easier. 

Imagine being able to smile when someone cuts you off, or when the person at the DMV is snippy with you.

Realize that how someone treats you is a reflection of them, not of you. 

You never see truly happy & secure people put others down, do you?

Understanding this allows you much greater empathy towards others and patience with their actions. 

Most importantly, you shift from a victim mindset to an ownership mindset. 

Start here, start small 👇
🔥 Write down the last time you were upset/annoyed/irritated
🔥 How could a different perspective have changed your response?

TP 🖤

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