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Play By Your Scoreboard

Today, we're sharing an excerpt from one of our favorite blogs, Farnam Street. On Sunday Brain Food, Shane Parrish highlights ideas and insights for life and business.
Here is his Tiny Thought blurb from the newsletter:
Ebenezer Scrooge played by the scoreboard that many of us play by. The one where points come from status, power, and money. But as he neared the end of his life, Scrooge realized none of these things matter.
The second we get money, status, or power we’re not satisfied. We just want more. We think these things mean something, but they don’t.
Who hasn’t experienced this? I remember when I first started working in a large organization. I told myself that if I just got a promotion, I’d be happy. Well, promotions came and went and none of them made me happier. All of them only left me wanting more.
While we tell ourselves that the next level is enough, it never is. The next zero in your bank account won’t satisfy you any more than you are now. The next promotion won’t change who you are. The fancy car won’t make you happier. The bigger house doesn’t solve your problems.
Pay attention to what you are chasing because, in the end, you just might get it. And the cost of “success” might be the things that really matter.
“Never risk what you have and need,” wrote Warren Buffett, “for what we don't have and don't need.” In pursuit of our goals, we inevitably give up things that matter. We sleep less. We spend less time with our friends. We eat unhealthily. We skip workouts. We cancel dates. We miss dinner with the family.
When it comes to living a meaningful life, the only scoreboard that matters is yours. Don’t let your ego get in the way of the person you really want to be or the life you really want to live.
We often get caught up in following paths that are laid before us and labeled by society as what is 'right' or what we should be doing.
It's imperative to recognize that life is more than just promotions, power, money, or the ability to buy nice things. 
The more we prioritize ourselves and what gets our internal fire roaring, the happier we will be. When we focus on things like helping others, relationships, quality time, exploring our passions, being our true selves and growth, we're able to keep perspective on what truly matters in life.

Check out the blog if you're interested in helpful tips and tricks each Sunday.
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