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WD | Losing Weight, Explained

WD | Losing Weight, Explained

It's easier than you think...

"I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken.‚ÄĚ - Ram Dass

Today's a quick dose, but an important piece to understand what's needed to manage weight.

Do any of these sound familiar?
ūü핬†¬†If only I worked out more I'd lose weight.
ūü핬†¬†Once I get back to the gym, then I'll focus on my diet.
ūü핬†¬†I gained weight¬†because my metabolism isn't what it used to be.

Studies actually show our metabolism doesn't slow much as we age, but instead, it's the lifestyle changes that cause us to pack on the pudge.

We move less and become more sedentary.
We don't carve out time for physical activity, sport, or strength training.
Our body wants to be an efficient, moving, & burning machine... but we tend to go in the opposite direction.

Whether your goal is to lose, maintain, or gain weight/muscle.
You should know what goes into it and learn to find what works for you.

Here's a quick video from my course highlighting the basics of how to burn more calories.

While I believe eating whole, nutrient-dense, and unprocessed foods will resolve most weight issues, we should know how it works.

Science isn't sexy for everyone, but it's still important to know a couple of the basics.
(I think science is Alice Eve level sexy btw)

The first law of thermodynamics:
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Meaning you must consume fewer calories than you burn to lose weight (calorie deficit).
And you must consume more than you burn to gain weight (calorie surplus).

TDEE - Total Daily Energy Expenditure
Or in lay terms, how many calories you burn each day.

TDEE takes into account our body's calorie burn at rest, burn during non-exercise activity, and burn during exercise.

If you haven't watched the short video yet, please do as I break this down a little further.
hint: you're not burning as much as you think during exercise.

By knowing how much you're taking in (keep a food log) and how much you burn (calculator), you can better understand your unique needs for energy balance.

Then it's easy to tweak from there to keep moving towards your goals.

Strength training + cardio are imperative for long-term health, but weight management starts in the kitchen.

Try this:
ūüĎČUse this calorie calculator to get a ballpark idea of your TDEE
ūüĎČHow could this info help you with your goals?
ūüĎČLet me know what it says for you¬†

TP ūüĖ§

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