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WD | How To Get Back On Track When In A Rut


A lesson from this month...

I'm just getting my head above water after a 10-day negative spell. 

I was staying up later, sleeping in longer, skipping my whole morning routine, barely working out, frustrated walking into jiu-jitsu, ate pizza 4 times... 

I had such a hard time getting myself in motion and then was extremely hard on myself for not being able to get 100% back on track. 

Two years ago, this would have consumed me and I would've felt hopeless. 

But by committing to my health, I've learned how to develop my baseline. 

Now the conversation inside my head goes from "you suck, what're you even doing, this will never work, etc"


"Hang on, this will pass. It's not you speaking, just weather the storm and do what you can today."

Now, I see those ruts as a sign to pay attention - as if my body is trying to tell me something. 

An idea from author Brianna Wiest...
When you have a mental breakdown, it's a sign you are about to have a mental breakthrough. 

That's not to say it makes it any more fun, but now it's just a part of my feedback loop. 

It could be a sign to take a day off, get back to meditating when things escalate, go for a walk, or call a friend. 

With that frame of mind running in the background like the angel on my shoulder vs the devil (my inner critic), I was able to focus on the smallest thing I could do to move forward. 

So I told myself, "Just do one thing - write." 

Write about what you do when things are going well, and what you do when things feel like shit. 

Here's what I came up with.

When they're going well, every day I:

  • Wake up between 5-6a
  • Meditate for 20 min 
  • Read for 30+ min
  • Take a cold shower
  • Lift weights for ~45 min
  • Engage in networking calls from people I meet on LinkedIn
  • Work to move the business forward
  • Plan out my week in advance
  • Ultra focused on my processes I've outlined to hit my goals
  • Eat fresh, whole + real food
  • Write often

When things are shitty, I:

  • Sleep in
  • Stay up at least an hour later
  • Skip my morning routine
  • Don't plan my day or week
  • Eat way more pizza and croissants 😎
  • Give my inner critic a megaphone
  • Am very unmotivated to even do my most basic daily tasks
  • Focus on the fact I haven't hit my goals yet and think I never will because I'm so far from it

Just writing this list gave me a clear gameplan for taking the next step to get back on track. 

I picked one thing from the first list (meditation) and counted that day as a win when I did 10 mins. 

Then as I gained a little momentum, I added another item back in, then another. 

This only happens when you are dialed in with your baseline and introspecting often enough to know when things are off. 

(ideally, you catch them before they spiral)

No one's perfect 100% of the time - realistically, not even 70% of the time. 

And I used to beat myself up for it before I saw how accepting that gave me more room to grow than I ever imagined. 

Having patience + self-compassion + personal gameplan allows you to get back to feeling your best. 

Build your personal gameplan so you know what to do when things get a little off track. 

What's something you've used to get yourself back when life knocks you off course?

TP 🖤

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